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HMA means Heavy Metal Axe, and as such units should be supplied with a heavy metal removal cartridge, usually the Pentek CBR2-10. However, the CBR2-10 is only available in 10″ standard diameter with a maximum flow rate of 3.5 litres per minute and a total volume through put of approximately 7,200 litres life. If you don’t have heavy metals (lead, copper, etc), you should consider purchasing a dechlorinator instead. All HMA units are built to order. We offer different variations on fittings and filter media. Each unit is built to a customer’s specific requirements, and prices for a true HMA unit start at £120 (dechlorinators start at around £45).

We can also build combined HMA RO units with built-in TDS monitoring for specialist fish keepers. The user can then mix HMA and RO production water to their own requirements.

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