10″ Spectrum TruDepth Polypro Pre-Filter 1 Micron


This spun-bonded polypropylene depth filter is a durable single-use cartridge offering the best all round protection, in terms of functionality and cost, having been designed and manufactured specifically for resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions.

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Manufactured entirely from polypropylene, the TruDepth is constructed from lot-controlled materials with no anti-static agents, solvents or binders to deliver broad chemical compatibility and batch trace-ability with no additives to contaminate the filtrate.  

Its single-use design means it can be easily disposed of – incinerating to trace ash while releasing no hazardous by-products.

Designed to be of robust construction using FDA approved materials, the TruDepth depth filter is an ideal pre-filter where water supplies have been problematic or where particle removal size is unknown.

Constructed from a strong, self-supporting structure means it will not deform under pressure, unload particles or migrate media into the stream.  

These features, coupled with a state-of-the art construction, delivers consistency from filter to filter and creates a true-grade density cartridge with no surface blinding, which results in high-flow rates and low-pressure drops, all mean the TruDepth from SPECTRUM is the ideal all-round pre-filter.

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