10″ Pentek CBR2-10 Black 0.5 Micron Filter


CBR2 Heavy metal reduction filter

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The CBR2 has a multi-media design for heavy metal reduction, in particular lead, through 7,500 litres.

Designed to reduce chlorine, taste and odour, dissolved and particulate lead, cysts, MTBE and certain VOCs, the CBR2-10 is manufactured from a combination of powdered activated carbon and a specially designed adsorbent media for lead and mercury reduction.

These cartridges are protected by a uniquely formulated polypropylene bilaminate pre-filter, designed to significantly increase the useful life of the cartridge.

Being a 0.5 micron nominally rated cartridge, pre-filtration is recommended to extend the life of the filter by avoiding premature plugging of the block.

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