10″ Jumbo Chloramine Reduction Carbon Pre-Filter


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Granular Activated Catalytic Carbon for the Reduction and Removal of Chlorine and Chloramine from mains tap water. 

Chlorine has been used to disinfect municipal and other water supplies for generations. It is a well-established, practical treatment method for large volumes of water. When used in this way, chlorine reacts with other organic substances in the water to form chloramine, a compound of ammonia and chlorine. Chloramine, too, acts as a disinfectant, and is often used in water treatment instead of chlorine since it is less likely to react with other organic compounds in the water. Like chlorine, chloramine controls bacterial growth in water supplies, treatment facilities and distribution systems. But chloramine can also act as a pollutant, reacting with organic nitrogen to form other harmful compounds.
Generally, chloramine removal improves the taste and odour of drinking water, however, long-term exposure to these harmful by-products of disinfection has been linked to increased risk of cancer and birth delivery problems. Further, high chloramine levels in swimming pools account for most complaints of eye irritation.
Technical Information
  • Catalytic Activity : 200 C min
  • Monochloramine Capacity : >150 (mg/g)*
  • Moisture Content : 4% (w/w) max ASTM D2867-04
  • Hardness No : 98% min ASTM D3802-99
  • Apparent Density : 0.52g/cc min ASTM D2854-96
  • Iodine No : 1050 mg/g min ASTM D4607-06
  • Ash : 3 % max
  • Surface area : 1050 m2/g
  • pH : 7 – 9
  • Particle Size : 12 x 40

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