10″ Clear/Blue Filter Housing 1″ Brass Female Ports


10” Clear filter housing with bracket and spanner

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This 10” Clear filter housing with bracket and spanner can be used as a water filter, Reverse Osmosis, or freshwater Aquatic Filtration. DI inserts can be purchased if being used as a DI filter.

This easy fit design allows you to change filters within the height of the filter. Simply unscrew the lower blue ring with the filter spanner provided, and remove the filter bowl to change the filter.


  • 10″ Clear Housing with easy change Filter System
  • 1″ Brass Inlets & Outlets
  • Includes Mounting Bracket, Screws, & Housing Spanner
  • Maximum Temperature 60oC
  • Maximum Pressure 7 Bar

We stock a range of fittings that can be added to this unit to convert the inlet and outlet to suite a wide variety of applications such as slow flow, DI, Carbon or Nitrate removal. Can be supplied to fit RO tube.

IMPORTANT: This is for water use only. The pressure should not exceed 7 bar at any time. You are advised to install a 3 bar pressure regulator between the water supply and filter as this will prevent a water hammer from your mains water supply that may damage this filter housing.

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