E-Chill Coolers

TECO have launched a series of three low voltage remotely controlled aquarium/sump cooling fans. When used in conjunction with a chiller, energy savings of 30% can be achieved.

The e-chill cooling fan can be clipped over the side of an aquarium or sump and has built-in adjustable water level and temperature sensors. The e-chill will constantly monitor the water level and if the water level drops below a pre-set level the e-chill will sound an audible and visual alarm. If desired, the fans will also shut down to prevent further water loss due to evaporation. This function can be overridden by the user. Water temperature is also constantly monitored and will activate the cooling fans only when needed.

The water level sensor can also be used to activate a top-up pump (sold separately) and this function is built into every e-chill. Extended probes are also available for use in deep or high sided sumps/aquariums.

Each e-chill can be programmed by the user to work within set temperatures, fans speeds (3 speeds), and water level, and can be set to a resolution of 0.1°C. Used independently of a chiller the correctly sized e-chill can decrease an aquarium’s temperature by 1.5°C. The e-chill can be programmed to display temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

Each e-chill is supplied with a hand-held remote control which allows the e-chill to be controlled remotely as well as from the control panel on the front of the e-chill. This feature is especially useful if the e-chill is mounted in a location that is difficult to access, such as a sump, high aquarium or at the back of an aquarium.

Each fan fitted to the e-chill has an air flow rate of 150^3/h.

The e-chill is available in three sizes:

Product Aquarium volume Number of fans Air flow
e-chill 1 500 Litres 1 150^3/h
e-chill 2 800 Litres 2 300^3/h
e-chill 3 1500 Litres 3 450^3/h

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