Loughborough CryoSpa is a specialist sports recovery facility that uses a TECO chiller to maintain the water temperature of the ice bath or cryospa at 8.0 degrees Celsius. Ice baths or cryospas, such as this one from CET CryoSpas, are used by top class athletes to help promote recovery from injuries and reduce fatigue. 

Those of you were following Wimbledon this year will, perhaps, be aware that many top class players use a cryospa as part of their recovery strategy during training and post-match, indeed Andy Murray has one installed at his home. Six cryospas were recently installed under Centre Court at Wimbledon; Mark was down there at the end of May helping Colin Edgar (Managing Director of CET CryoSpas) to install the cryospas and making sure that the chillers are doing their job. Have a look at our Loughborough CryoSpa Facebook page and you will see interesting posts relating to cryospa use at Wimbledon this year, and Jamie Murray is pictured in one of them. If you are local to Loughborough, and keen on sports, you might like to try out this facility for yourself, particular if you do strenuous workouts or indulge in marathons. It is just £10 for an individual six-minute session. You can book a session by sending us a message via our Facebook page, or just call us on 07802 841021. If you have a Twitter account, you can also find lots of interesting tweets about ice baths/cryospas at #chilling4champions.