Photo of old TECO chiller after its service

Before and After

If you’ve been reading our Facebook posts, you may well have seen these photos before. For those of you who don’t follow Facebook, you might find it interesting to see these ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of a very old TECO chiller which we recently cleaned and serviced. This chiller was last serviced in 2008 and dates from 2005/6. After deep cleaning the chiller, we replaced the fan motor, brazed in a service port, and de-gassed and re-gassed the unit.This chiller is now performing within 12% of a brand new 2015 spec chiller. As the UK distributor for TECO Refrigeration Technologies we not only sell new TECO chillers, but offer full service facilities for the entire TECO range, old and new. 

So before you consider scrapping your old TECO chiller, it is worth seeing if we can breathe some new life into it with a service! We can get very busy servicing chillers in the spring and summer, so if your chiller needs a service, please don’t put it off. If you would like a really speedy turnaround, please do contact us sooner rather than later.