Beware of fraudulent emails requesting payment

One of our customers has received an email from an email address unrelated to TradeMark Aquatics Ltd chasing an invoice (see below). The email address at the top looks as though it comes from Zambia. It has a link to click on, and at the bottom of the email it says Best Wishes, and gives our email address immediately underneath but no name. This type of email point to invalid hyperlinks that are revealed when you hold your cursor over them, or to an unrecognised website. The invalid links may contain malware, which could potentially corrupt your computer.

Such emails are not legitimate TradeMark Aquatics communications; they are the unauthorised actions of third parties not associated with TradeMark Aquatics Ltd. Should you receive such an email, do not follow any links provided. Instead, simply delete the email. If you’ve accidentally selected a link, you should run a virus scan immediately. If you do receive a similar email, please do let us know straight away. We never send such impersonal emails. 

Please be advised that TradeMark Aquatics Ltd does not send payment requests with a link to an invoice, and always addresses emails in a personal manner, and from a named employee. We accept no responsibility for any costs or charges incurred as a result of fraudulent activity.


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